Meet the Iwastologists

Arcie Mallari: The Adviser and Coach of the Team.  He is the one who conceptualized and coined the project IWASTOLOGY.  He guides, facilitates and coaches the team on the creation and fulfillment of the video. With his connections to Payatas and Smoky Mountain waste management groups, the Team was able to document different faces of trash pickers and dumpsites.

John Vergil Estacio: The Moderator of the Team. He helps Arcie in mapping out all the places and resources they need to fulfill the video. As Silid Aralan’s SSP ICT Coordinator, provides assistance on how to join the DPSA contests.  He serves as the guide to enter the DPSA contest.

Student Groups:

  1. Felonina Bernales – the Team editor. A bonafide 3rd year high school student. She edits most of the footages given by the Team.  She also helps in shooting some scenes.
  2. Ferliz Bernales – the Team researcher. A bonafide 4th year high school student who loves to write scripts.  Ferliz does the research of the places, the people and even the pertinent events and details needed for the film.
  3. Wilson Alba – the Team interviewer. A bonafide 4th year high school student who is also a volunteer student teacher in Math.  Wilson is the go to guy in terms of interviewing the resource people (scavengers, facilitators, etc.)
  4. Rochelle Joy Ropelos – the Team videographer.  Joy is a 3rd year high school student.  She loves filming. Her eyes are keen in the right angle of the dumpsites and people they are interviewing.
Music:  Apple Inc. iLife Sound Effect. Heroes. 

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