I therefore conclude…

The problem in environment is not just the problem of our government, but it is OUR problem.  We have to own and be responsible to the world we are living in. We have to let go of being passive and be a victim of circumstances.  We are not the product of the matter but WE ARE THE CAUSE OF THE MATTER.  We can change the world.  We can clean our planet. We can heal the bruises we gave.

What we are envisioning to have is to see people actively working together in preserving this planet. People who do not just consume and forget about the garbage legacy that he/she will be leaving.  This project will raise awareness and support intercultural dialogue on the issue of global waste through the lenses of school children from varying communities around the world.  We will encourage discussion and collaboration on problems of waste and their various solutions, while inspiring students worldwide to make commitments to take action in reducing their material footprint.

Iwastology Wins the Share the Stage Contest!

Iwastology shared the stage with world-renowned environmentalist David Suzuki in Montreal City, Quebec, Canada, last April 28, 2011.  Arcie Mallari, founder of Silid Aralan, Inc and Iwastology, won and received the prize of CAD 1,000.00 (You may read it at http://www.youthactionmontreal.org/take-action_share-the-stage.php)

Iwastology Wins the Dalai Lama Fellowship Award!

iWastology inspired by “learning room” project in the Philippines

By Julie Fortier

Two students from McGill’s School of Environment will be traveling to the Philippines and to Kenya this summer to hear the stories of children living in slums. Better yet, they’ll teach the kids how to tell their story themselves through video.

“We will show the kids how to film their experience of waste, their perception of it in their community,” says Alex Pritz.

Pritz and Christian Elliott, both undergraduate students originally from Ithaca, NY, are the McGill winners of the inaugural $10,000 Dalai Lama Fellowships, awarded by the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education.

(See http://publications.mcgill.ca/reporter/2011/06/waste-management-project-earns-mcgill-students-inaugural-dalai-lama-fellowship/)


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