Doon Po Sa Amin, May Klase sa Basura: The Project Iwastology

24 10 2011

The Silid Aralan, Inc (SAI) project is entitled: The Project Iwastology (Iwasto = Filipino for to make it right; Waste = English for garbage; and logy = to learn from or study) aims to raise awareness and support intercultural dialogue on the issue of community waste through the lenses of school children from varying communities around the Montalban, Rizal. Through Iwastology, 24 Filipino high school students learn about problems of waste in their community and elsewhere, and develop their own self-designed hands on projects to combat these issues in their community. Iwastologists (high school students) document their findings through multimedia, and exchange resources and ideas with their student counterpart.  Children were equipped with computer, internet, cameras and film equipment to document the waste experiences in their community, and how they address it. The project creates an interactive online education resource to be used on both educational institutions, and an immersive multimedia exhibit on the unseen ramifications of consumerism and waste to be held in different public sites in Montalban, Rizal.  We encourage discussion and collaboration on problems of waste and their various solutions, while inspiring students in locality to make commitments to take action in reducing their material footprint.


Please visit our latest project the TRASHFORMER!



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